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Excitotoxins: MSG and Dr. Blaylock

I cam across a video by The Health Ranger on YouTube in which he inerviews Dr. Russell Blaylock a Neurosurgoun and the formost authority on excitotoxins in the brain. Here is the video:

Two books are referenced in the video they are:

In Bad Taste: The MSG Syndrome by Dr. George Schwartz


and Dr. Blaylock’s first book Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills


A couple highlights from the video:

  • MSG first appeared in foods in 1945 and the amount in food has doubled every decade thereafter.
  • Of all of the animals on earth, humans are the most susceptible to MSG toxicity.
  • MSG toxicity (MSG Syndrome) symptoms include: flushing of the face, heart palpitations, GI discomfort and diarrhea, damage to the brain over time that could lead to Alzheimer and Parkinson.
  • MSG can also be labeled as “Yeast Extract” on food labels.
  • Certain foods have naturally occurring MSG. This MSG is bonded, though, to a protein which takes time to break down and allow your body to process the MSG.
  • If you are active, MSG you eat can go to your muscles, if you are sedentary it will go to your brain.
  • Magnesium Pyruvate, Vitamin E and Vitamin C can protect the body from MSG toxicity.

Dr. Russell Blaylock’s website is:


A side note: the worlds primary producer of MSG is the Ajinomoto Company


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MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and OCD

I noticed about a year and a half ago that I had a real problem with MSG. I don’t eat sushi very often but I remember one particular time I decided to load up on soy sauce. Later that day I had a pounding headache, the worst upset stomach, and it was difficult to breath. 


I did some research on MSG and found that people who have OCD also have a small increase in the neurotransmitter “Glutamate”. (Read this article for a study done with OCD patients: http://img2.tapuz.co.il/forums/1_143264754.pdf )

I’ll have to find the citation but I remember another study talking about the role of Glutamate and the frontal lobe (see my first post).

Anyone else have similar problems with MSG? (Or MSG and OCD?)

Here is a picture of the structure of the neurotransmitter Glutamate:




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