Theanine, Lavander, and GABA

A while back I wrote a post about MSG and its connection to OCD.

After doing more research on natural anxiety supplements I came across L-Theanine. Theanine is able to easily pass through the bodies blood-brain-barrier and increase the levels of GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid) promoting relaxation.

An interesting illustration of GABA and its role within a synapse is shown in this illustration form Wikimedia Commons:

A similar increase in GABA was shown in patients who inhaled lavender essential oil. I am working on getting a reliable citation for the connection.

Most of my research is done at work during the rare slow times (I work as a pharmacy technician).

If you have any information about Theanine, Lavendar, GABA, OCD, or Anxiety, please post your information and/or links in the comments section.


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One thought on “Theanine, Lavander, and GABA

  1. Here is a excellent article which illustrates GABA’s relationship with anxiety disorders as well as the effect of Benzodiazepines on making GABAa receptors more sensitive.

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